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Click on an image below, then fill in all of the fields to print or send your gift certificate. An e-mail is sent to the email address in the recipient field. In the e-mail the recipient is prompted to click on the words"gift certificate". When this is done the actual gift certificate will appear and the recipient will be able to print the gift cetificate from this screen. Click on one of the featured gift certificates to begin your purchase.

***Note, you MUST enter an e-mail address in the "Recipient" field, even if it is your own.  This is where the gift certificate will be sent. The e-mail address does not show up on the printed gift certificate***   

***Gift Certificates can only be printed from a valid e-mail address.***

A printed Copy of your gift certificate must be brought with you to redeem your service. 
We cannot Redeem your service through a cell phone device.

Please purchase your gift certificates from a personal e-mail address and send to a personal e-mail address. Our Gift Certificates cannot break through computer firewalls such as Hampton School System, Langley AFB, Sentara Hospital System, and State Farm Insurance Company.

Please note: Gift Certificates are non-refundable.

We require 24 Hour Notice for Any Cancelled Appointments. Without 24 Hour Notice of Cancelling
an Appointment, you will be responsible for full cost of Service

Thank you for your purchase. 

Purchase Over the Phone

Feel free to pay over the phone and we’ll send the gift certificate to you, or whomever you’d like!
**Small service charge applies for telephone orders and mailing.