At Salters Creek Retreat, massage is touch with intent.

Intent to heal and renew your mind, body and spirit.

One-hour Custom Massage – Our MOST POPULAR massage – $55

Includes stretching, Swedish and a variety other therapeutic techniques customized to your specific needs.
(30 minutes $40) (75 minutes – $70) (90 minutes – $85)

75 Minute Hot Stone Massage – $89

Heated Basalt Stones compliment your custom massage as heat radiates into your muscles melting away stress. Requires at least 48 hours advance booking.
(75 minute – $89) (90 minutes –  $105)

One-hour Prenatal Massage – $55

Promotes relaxation by soothing nerves and relieving strained back and leg muscles.
(Must be at least 14 weeks along.)

30-Minute Hand and Foot Massage – $39

A wonderful way to pamper your hands and feet, de-stress and relax.
Add paraffin for the Hand or Feet $15 or
Both Hands and Both feet for $25

Reflexology – $20 (15 minute session)

An alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. Reflexology is based  a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body and effect physical change and healing within the body.  Also aids in reducing the swelling of the feet.

Reiki – (60 minute session) – $65

“Energy Medicine” – Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing practice which harnesses the energy field that surrounds us. The Reiki practitioner uses their body as a conduit for the energy to travel through so it can be directed into the client’s body, almost like a television antenna receives television waves and directs them into your TV. The practitioner does NOT control the energy, but allows the energy to flow through them and into the client where they need it. Once the energy is in the client, their cells will vibrate at a higher frequency allowing them to work more efficiently. This increases the productivity of the cell and decreases the healing time for the client. Reiki helps with emotional trauma and issues that may be causing physical disease.

It is believed that Reiki originated from an ancient form of Tibetan Buddhist healing technique. This technique was called Medicine Buddha. This particular form of physical healing was done by the laying-on of hands similar to Reiki and was also passed from master to disciple through an “empowerment”, which is very similar to an attunement in Reiki.

La Stone Therapy – $105 approximately 90 minutes

A massage to treat the Mind, Body and soul, LaStone uses a combination of Hot and Cold stones to penetrate deep within the muscle, relaxing and rejuvenating the stressed over body. LaStone therapy, which has its origins in Native American culture, can be a spiritual experience for those seeking a connection linking body, mind and soul in their daily lives. An authentic LaStone treatment instantly connects one’s soul with the blessings Mother Earth offers us daily; bringing warmth, cooling, vibrations and sound through the application of Mother Earth’s Stone People.

Our La Stone therapist has over 100 Continuing Education hours in stone therapy.

One-Hour Couples Custom Massage – $115

Please book your couples massage in advance. (seven days notice is prefered).
A custom massage for two. Our couples room offers a wonderfully relaxing environment for couples, Moms and daugters or best friends to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage together.

(requires pre-payment and 48 hours advance booking)
75 minute Couples Custom $135
90 minute Couples Custom $165


Multiple add-ons require more time and may have an additional charge


A paraffin dip offers heat to sooth and moisturize tired feet and hands.

Both hands     $15
Both feet       $15
Hands and feet  $25

Body Butter

(Available for custom, couples custom and prenatal massages)

While offering a touch of luxury, body butter leaves you skin moisturized and feeling silky smooth.

Honey Facial $10

A sweet, moisturizing and detoxifying facial treatment using one of nature’s gems.

Medical Benefits of Paraffin:
Provides therapeutic relief of pain due to arthritis, joint inflammation, muscle stiffness, and injury.
Provides instant warmth and relaxation.
Increases circulation promoting renewed tissue.
The high thermal-conductivity of paraffin wax provides a treatment that may penetrate deeper into tissue than other therapies.

Aesthetics and Spa Benefits of Paraffin:
Topically moisturizes Skin.
Plumps and Hydrates to minimizethe appearance of fine lines and wrinkes.
Opens Pores to detoxify.
Leaves skin soft and healthy looking.


Massage Policies

If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please extend 24 hours notice. FULL CHARGES APPLY in the event of a missed appointment.  IF YOU ARE LATE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TRIM THE TIME OF YOUR SERVICE.  FULL CHARGES WILL APPLY.

All Services must be reserved with a credit card or gift certificate

Prices subject to change without notice.

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